About Us

Marutha Mountains English Medium Secondary School has grown at a rapid pace since its inception in 1994. Affiliated to the CBSE, the school is focused on providing quality education from LKG to Grade VIII at an affordable cost. We strive to provide a learning environment that promotes balanced growth, intellectual development and personal responsibility, enabling students to gain the knowledge and skills to play a constructive role in the society.

We work hard as a supportive team to ensure that learning is occurring in the best possible way for each and every child. Variety of instructional methods is used to build skills and encourage critical thinking. Students are not only given motivation to do well academically but are also encouraged to actively participate in athletics and co-curricular activities thereby helping them to discover and develop their talents and reach their best potential. Numerous scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding students as well as to students who are outstanding performers in arts and sports. The school offers a number of extracurricular activities including music and dance classes.

At Marutha Mountains English Medium Secondary School, we recognize the need for parental support for children to perform better at school and therefore do everything necessary to encourage parent participation. Parents are updated regularly regarding a child’s progress and development through PTA meetings.

We take seriously our responsibility as educators and strive to provide the children with the right educational support essential for them to thrive and become confident achievers throughout their life.