Marutha Mountain English Medium Secondary School offers a variety of facilities that affords students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence and skill and ensures an all round development.

Our school facilities include:

  • Airy, spacious and well lit classrooms
  • Teaching equipment which include white board, projectors, etc
  • Well equipped science labs which enables students to gain thorough understanding of the lessons taught in theory class
  • Well developed computer labs with internet facility used under the supervision of the computer instructor
  • Smart class facilities to make teaching and learning more effective and practical
  • Area for playing football, cricket, etc
  • A well maintained fleet of buses for conveying students from home to school and vice versa

Extracurricular School Activities

The school offers Dance, Music and Communicative English classes taught by instructors who are well experienced in their respective fields. These classes are open to all students who are interested. Games and sports are also organized and are carried out under the supervision of physical educators. Students are encouraged to participate and develop their skills. Scouting options are available for students who wish to experience adventure and learn important life skills.